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GLR-GT Chassis

GL Racing GL-GTR 1/28 RWD Chassis (w/o Servo, ESC) GL Racing GL-GTR 1/28 RWD Chassis (w/o Servo, ESC)
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL-GTR-SET
1. Ball joints front suspension arms which help to eliminate plays but without scarify their smoothness2. Adjustable dust proof central and rear side dampers3. The lowest CG car of GL Racing as of today4. Super wide offset creates ultra stability of the car even 0 degree offset rims are used5. Marke..
Brand: GL Racing Model: GL-GT-001-KSET
GL Racing GLR-GT 1/28 RWD Chassis - W/O RXIncludes:• GLR-GT Chassis Kit - Needs to be Assembled• Servo• Transmitter• Electronic Speed ControllerNeeded to run:• Receiver• 15mm brushless Motor (e.g. GL and PN motors)• 2S LiPo battery (47x11x20mm JST-PH plug)• LiPo charger• Mini-Z RWD style Wheels and ..
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