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E/Z Connectors

Brand: DU-BRO Model: 121
E/Z Connectors(#121 & 605) come complete with 2 or 12 each Connector, 4-40 x 1/8 Slotted Screw, black snap washer, and push on steel washer. Works with .072" / 2-56 rod.Heavy Duty E/Z Connectors(#489 & 490) come complete with 2 each Steel Connector, 4-40 x 3/16 Socket Head Cap Screw, black s..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 608
Features a Hex style design which allows for a secure hold on the E/Z Connector while tightening the screw. The Kwik Grip E/Z Connector Wrench #609, tightly secures the E/Z Connector from 6 different angles, providing a tight grip while tightening the locking screw.Includes 2 each Kwik Grip E/Z Conn..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 845
Ideal for smaller electric aircraft! Get the same Du-Bro quality as the larger E/Z Connector, but in a smaller size.Lightweight aluminum design (0.25 g) allows for up to .047 wire. 2-56 machine screw securely locks wire into place. Press fit our Mini E/Z Connector into a Mini Servo Arm for a secure ..
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