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RC Car Kit Assembly Service

RC Car Kit Assembly Service

No time to assemble that new RC kit you just purchased or are you wanting an a expert assemble and setup your kit to your specific needs?

Well then look no further, SoCal Hobbies offers you custom RC kit builds performed by experienced RC car builders. We can build or customize your kit how ever you want it.

The advantage is huge, as we have the experience of making sure the hop-ups fit and work as expected. As you may or may not know, many times there are some minor modifications that have to be made when adding hop-ups or even when you are just setting up the RC just like the manuals say. We offer stress-free custom RC kit builds.

You can also send us your kit and we can assemble or modify your car kit.

Special Notes:
If you purchase your car kit from us and want us to assemble it before shipping it, message us and tell us what you have. Then click this link to add the correct labor hours. Here

*Please allow 7-14 days to complete depending on number of builds we have