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Tailwheels / Brackets

Brand: DU-BRO Model: 926
The Micro Steerable Tail Wheel comes with the strut and a 1/2" (12.7 mm) dia. wheel. This mount can be steerable or left free to travel. Mounts directly to the tail of your aircraft with CA (cyanoacrylate) or epoxy. The arm for steering is included and is 1 1/16" (26.99 mm) wide. This unit is painta..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 853
Don't scratch your tail, our Micro Tail Skid comes with two pins molded on flat for easy installation and secure gluing. Keeps the tail section of your aircraft from getting scuffed up!Weight: 0.57 grams/eaMade in USAWARNING: Cancer -
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 854
Now your tail dragger can have a tail wheel bracket. The two piece bracket simply glues together to secure pre-bent 1/32" (.79 mm) (.032) wire tail wheel strut. Ideal for use with DU-BRO Micro Tail Wheels.Weight: 0.6 grams/assemblyMade in USAWARNING: Cancer -
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 12MTW
Our Micro Tail Wheels are available in two sizes, 3/8" (9.525 mm) & 1/2" (12.7 mm). Both sizes come complete with tail wheels (2), and Micro Wheel Retainers (4) per package.Weight- 1 gram/eachMade in USAWARNING: Cancer -
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 957
These complete ready-to-install Semi-Scale Tailwheel Systems are durable and great looking. Comes with rudder bracket and springs for control between rudder and tailwheel steering. Tailwheel included.#955 - Length = 4.250" / Height = 2.375" / Wheel Dia. = 1" / Weight = 18.5 grams#956 - Length = 4.87..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 375
The Tailwheel Brackets are made of lightweight durable nylon. Available in three sizes to fit most airplanes from .40 size to large scale. Includes 1 bracket, 1 wire form, 1 dura-collar and 3 flat washers. 1 assembly/pkg#375 - 1/16" / 1.5mm Axle Dia / Weight: 6 grams#376 - 3/32" / 2.3mm Axle Dia / W..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 75TW
Du-Bro Tailwheels look great and have a machined one piece aluminum hub. They are molded solid for unmatched durability and strength and are preferred by professional pilots worldwide. 1/pkg.These also have many more applications in school projects and various crafts.Cat. # - DiameterAxle Dia.Weight..
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