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Landing Gear

Brand: DU-BRO Model: 166
1 1/4" (31.7mm) steering arm assembly. Nylon steering arm with bushing and set screw fits 5/32" (4mm) nose gear wire. Snap on E/Z Connector included. 1/pkgWeights:#155 - 5 grams#166 - 4 gramsMade in USAWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 944
Lighten up with our Micro Wheel Collars. Designed for electric flyers with .047" (11.938 mm) to .062" (15.748 mm) axles and use set screws for a secure fit. These Micro Wheel Collars are 50% LIGHTER than standard 1/16" brass wheel collars.Each collar weighs 0.42 grams. Each pack includes (4) collars..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 400RV
Smooth inflatable tires with positive seal air valves. Features two piece bolt together hubs and hub caps. Wheels can be inflated (or deflated) thru a tiny valve in the side of the tire. Axle diameter size 5/32 (4 mm). Ideal as "tundra" tires to give an authentic look. 2/pkg.For replacement valve:&n..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 250DL
Now you can give your model that scale look with our Diamond Lite Wheels. Featuring our closed cell lightweight foam with nylon hub. These wheels are ideal for electric, park flyer and lightweight gas models. These also have many more applications in school projects and various crafts. 2/pkgCat..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 615
Zinc plated steel. Simply slide axle housing on 5/32 (4mm) nose gear or main wire and tighten with 8-32 set screw. The E/Z Adjust Axles are tightened with a 10-32 set screw. 2/pkg.Weight: 14 grams/assemblyMade in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3370
The easily assembled E/Z Brake will function as a main or nose wheel braking system. This can be very useful in take-offs and landings where you need quicker stops and tighter turns. After the simple installation, an aircraft's receiver can be set up in many ways depending on the pilot's preference...
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 375TV
DU-BRO treaded wheels are narrower in width to fit inside wheel pants and retracts easier. Comes with 3/16" (5 mm) axle diameter and can be drilled out to 1/4 (6 mm) if desired. Comes complete with our positive seal air valves and inflator adapter. 1 wheel/pkg.For replacement valve: #809For rep..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 150ML
Our Micro Lite Wheels are available in 3 sizes: 1-1/2" (38 mm), 2" (51 mm) and 2-1/2" (64 mm).They feature a one piece design, with polished spokes and flat black wheel. Comes complete with 2 sets of wheel retainers and a wide axle hub for a true running wheel. Perfect for small electric aircraft. 1..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 943
STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, & VERSATILE! This landing gear for profile mounting is the answer for your "foamie", "ARF's" and your original designs. Simple and strong mounting with all hardware included. This is THE landing gear for all profiles up to 5/8" (15.875 mm) wide.Weight including hardware: 34...
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 123MS
These open spoke wheels will add a sporty look to your model. They have been designed with electric models in mind.These also have many more applications in school projects and various crafts. 2/pkg.Wheel Dia. = 1.230" (31mm) / Axle Dia. = .047" (1.2mm) / Weight = 1.1 grams/eaWheel Dia. = 1.450" (37..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 926
The Micro Steerable Tail Wheel comes with the strut and a 1/2" (12.7 mm) dia. wheel. This mount can be steerable or left free to travel. Mounts directly to the tail of your aircraft with CA (cyanoacrylate) or epoxy. The arm for steering is included and is 1 1/16" (26.99 mm) wide. This unit is painta..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 853
Don't scratch your tail, our Micro Tail Skid comes with two pins molded on flat for easy installation and secure gluing. Keeps the tail section of your aircraft from getting scuffed up!Weight: 0.57 grams/eaMade in USAWARNING: Cancer -
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