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Brand: DU-BRO Model: 838
Du-Bro Standard and Large Clunks are now available separately. Our Clunks weigh 7.5 grams / 0.26 oz. (Standard), 13.6 grams / 0.48 oz. (Large) and are Nickel Plated to prevent corrosion. Fuel Line Barbs are machined right in Clunk to grip your fuel lines securely. 1/pkg.Made in USAWARNING: Canc..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 192
For quick and easy fuel pump hook-ups. Universal cap fittings and new nylon filter for any standard 1 1/4" or larger caps. Includes (4) 1/4" nuts, 3 top quality brass fittings and fuel filter. 1 set/pkg.Made in USAWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 678
Du-Bro's Fuel Line Clips help prevent fuel tubing from coming off of fuel fittings for carbs, fuel filters, fuel tanks and more. Available in two sizes: 3/32" (2.3 mm) and 1/8" (3 mm). 4/pkgMade in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 807
Fill your tank with ease directly from your 1 gallon fuel container. Just drill or cut a 1/2" (12.7 mm) diameter hole in the cap and install the fitting as shown. Features a safety fuel line storage fitting to prevent leakage.Works with gasoline or glo fuel.Made in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3362
Completely re-build your DU-BRO fuel tank with original DU-BRO components to insure a long, leak-proof life. Each kit includes the appropriate parts for either gasoline or glo-fuel applications.Includes: Cap, backing plate and screw, stopper, brass tubing and pick-up tubing.Made in USAWARNING: ..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 400
Specially formulated replacement stopper to convert any 2 oz to 50 oz Du-Bro fuel tank to Gasoline or Glo-Fuel. The Gasoline stopper is brown and the Glo-Fuel Stopper is black. 1/pkgMade in USA..
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