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Control Horns

Brand: DU-BRO Model: 107
Nylon 3/4" long with 4 adjustment positions. Includes 2 control horns centered on base,2 self threading nut plates and (4) 2-56 x 3/8" screws.QTY/PKG:2 sets. Weight: 1.5grams/set.Made in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 493
Our adjustable control horn mounts between two molded nylon pads for a strong solid mount. A 1 1/2" (38.1 mm), 5-40 bolt allows you the full range of height adjustment. Recommended for .60 powered aircraft and smaller. QTY/PKG:2Made in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 912
Think BIG!! These HD Adjustable Control Horns are the latest in a family of innovative control horn applications. The self-adjusting horn will mount straight (90to center line of control surface) against the angled control surface using no wedges or shims! With two sizes available, your aircraft wil..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3355
A complete mounting system for large aircraft that can be configured as a pull-pull or as two single control horns.Self-adjusting design will mount at 90 to center line of the control surface. This system includes premium socket head bolts which provide a non-slip head while installing horns.The cle..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3365
For use with the #3355 & #3365 Heavy Duty Clevis Horn System or in your own set-up, the clevis horns include 4-40 heavy duty swivel ball links for "no-slop" precision control. 2/pkg.Weight:#3365 (8-32) - 4 grams/each#3366 (10-32) - 4 grams/eachMade in USAWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Har..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 878
For medium to large aircraft .40 to .91 size (#878) / .91 and above (#879), includes horn arms, and clevises for 2-56 rods (#878) / 4-40 rods (#879) with aluminum pivot pins. Arm Accommodates 6-32 screw/rod (#878) 8-32 screw/rod (#879) and clevis fits a 2-56 rod (#878) / 4-40 rod (#879). Both are se..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 867
This system was designed for medium to large aircraft using 2-56 control rods and standard clevises. Bolt is a 6-32 X 1-1/2" (38.1 mm) long socket head. Adjustable horn is 3/4" (19.05 mm) long. QTY/PKG: 2Weight: 5.5 grams / assemblyMade in USA..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 866
Designed with BIG planes in mind! This product has plenty on clearance from the hinge line with 1-5/32" (29.37 mm) long control horn, the precision fit. Steel cotter pins securely hold aluminum pin in place. Bolt is a 8-32 X 2" socket head. The clevis fits a 4-40 rod (not included). For aircraft .91..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3352
This new control horn design is made from high strength nylon and is perfect for large aircraft. The dual arm feature allows for even, in-line movement of the control rod.Includes a 1" (25.4 mm) square support plate with socket head mounting bolts and a heavy duty swivel ball link for 4-40 control r..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 880
#880: For medium to large scale aircraft - .40-.91. Comes complete with high quality aluminum horns, washers, steel 6-32 long shaft, nuts, horn arms, and kwik-links for 2-56 rods. 2/pkg.#882: For large scale aircraft - .91 and larger. Comes complete with high quality aluminum horns, washer..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 881
#881: For medium to large scale aircraft - .40-.92. Comes complete with high quality aluminum horns, washers, steel 6-32 long shaft, nuts, horn arms, and kwik-links for 2-56 rods and 15ft. of nylon coated stranded steel cable - .020 dia. and all mounting hardware. 2/pkg.#883: For large sca..
Brand: DU-BRO Model: 3353
This "jumbo" size control horn has been designed for giant scale aircraft and it boasts two adjustment positions for a superior set-up.Made from high strength nylon, you will have the confidence you need when you hit the flight line. With a 1" (25.4 mm) square support plate and 1" (25.4 mm) lon..
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