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Brand: Emax Model Model: 0112012005
The Tinyhawk 1S LiPo battery is also part of the whole design around the great flight performance of the Tinyhawk series. The weight, the size, and the power from the High Voltage 450mAh capacity cell were all considered during the design processes. Our pilots agree that at least 4-6 batte..
Brand: Emax Model Model: E8TXFRD8
Utilizing high quality gimbals, the E8 transmitter offers unparalleled control over any aircraft, providing smoothness and precision over previous generations of EMAX transmitters. Charging System: Built-in Micro-USB USB 5V--1A linear li-ion battery charging systemIO: Micro USB Charging Po..
Brand: Emax Model Model: 0110001095
- Real-time Hobby-grade First-Person-View (FPV) Video Transmission System- Gyroscopic Self-leveling with 3-modes from beginner to advanced- Smart Height Assist altitude control in beginner modes with full manual throttle control in advanced mode.- EZ One Stick Control that mixes yaw and roll into on..
Brand: Emax Model Model: EZPDRONEONLY
EZ Pilot Replacement Drone to replace a damaged or lost model from the EMAX EZ Pilot RTF kit.Model is complete and ready to be bound to the EZ Pilot Transmitter only. Drone will NOT bind with any universal 2.4GHz protocols.No battery included, DRONE ONLYhttp://
Brand: Emax Model Model: EZPRTF
Drone Specs:Wheelbase: 75mmDry weight: 32.5gAIO: MATEKF411 FC w/ 6A ESC and  25/100/200mw switchable video transmitterMotor: 08025 II KV15000RX Protocol: FrSky D8 SPIIncludes:1x EZ Pilot Pro Drone1x E8 Transmitter1x Transporter 2 Non-DVR Version1x Monitor Mounting Hardware1x EMAX 1S 450 mAh LiP..
Brand: Emax Model Model: 0106001138
Replacement set of 40mm propellers for EZ Pilot drone.Set contains 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise propellers...
Brand: Emax Model Model: EMAXINTPARTS2
Interchangeable shells for your EMAX Interceptor FPV Car!Includes: 1x Blue Shell1x White Shell1x Clear Shell..
Brand: Emax Model Model: TRNSP2DVR
Transporter 2 FPV Goggle features a detachable screen which can optionally be paired to the E8 Transmitter, allowing pilots to customize their flying experience to suit their needs.Built into the Transporter 2 is a powerful receiver in order to give pilots the cleanest video feed possible while also..
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