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Surface Radios and Accessories

Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 2.4GHz 3 Combo
Hitec is proud to introduce our 2.4GHz DSSS for Hitec module based surface system radios. For our surface system we chose the lower cost of the DSSS technology to keep the conversion cost simple and inexpensive while still providing a rock solid signal. The Spectra 2.4DS and micro sized Atom 3 chann..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 12624X
The Aggressor 3DS 2.4GHz DSSS radio system is one of the most affordable 2.4GHz systems on the market. Unlike other low cost entry level systems we've loaded the 3DS with features such as Dual Rate Steering, servo reversing throttle and steering End Point Adjustments and a push button third channel ..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 125XXX
With its ergonomically designed pistol grip, plus the customized "palm pad" and "tuning cover" the Aggressor AM is a great choice for a 2-channel surface radio. Features offered in this radio include servo reverse, dual rate steering, and a foam steering wheel for comfortable control...
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: Aggressor CRX
Considered a top level competition grade FM surface radio system, while still keeping the sport user in mind, the Aggressor CRX has all the features of radios costing $100 more. With 3-channels, 20-model memories, a high definition graphic LCD display, digital trims, push button third channel shift,..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 12675X
Setting yourself apart from the rest is a breeze with the Aggressor FM radio. With its ergonomically designed pistol grip, plus the customized "palm pad" and "tuning cover" offers a custom look for your radio that is all your own. Featuring servo reverse, dual rate steering, and a foam steering whee..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: Aggressor SRX
The Aggressor SRX FM radio is a great choice for its rich software and affordable price. Featuring 3-channels, 10-model memory, third channel (shift or linear), and the flexibility of the optional Spectra synthesized module, the SRX sets itself apart from the competition and is a smart choice as an ..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 29324
The Atom 3 Micro receiver may be small but has incredible interference free performance. The Atom 3 is for use with Hitec's Spectra 2.4GHz DSSS module and Aggressor 3DS radio systems...
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 27724
Our race-ready, 2.4GHz micro 2-channel receiver provides the connectivity and performance you expect from Hitec. With lightning fast 4ms frame rate and the HHR (Hitec High Response) built-in technology, the Axion 2 leaves the competition in the dust!Features:Race-Ready High Response 2.4GHz Micro 2-C..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: 27824
Precision and performance come together with our micro 4-channel 2.4GHz receiver. The Axion 4 delivers the quality you need to be a winner. Be first across the finish line with this amazing receiver!Features:AFHSS 2.4GHz Micro 4-Channel ReceiverUser Selectable Normal (14ms) or High Response (7ms) Fr..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: DCX
The 3-channel, DCX FM receiver is simply the best. Utilizing the dual conversion technology adapted from the R/C aircraft market, the DCX has a tremendous advantage over the competitor's products by delivering glitch free performance. The DCX is available in both 27 and 75MHz in a version for use wi..
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: HFS-03MT
The 27/75MHz HFS-03MT receiver meets or exceeds the performance level of any FM single conversion surface receiver on the market today. Providing virtually glitch free performance in a smaller size package, the HFS-03MT is a great choice for all sizes of cars and trucks...
Brand: HITECH RCD Model: HP-2RNB
As one of Hitec's longest running production items, the HP-2RNB has withstood the test of time. The 2 channel AM, 2RNB features great performance at an affordable price and can be used with any narrow band AM transmitters...
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