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Brand: Detrum Model: 2313-1500kV Brushless
SpecificationsType: BM2313A-KV1500KV (rpms per volt): 1500No load current: 0.84 A @10VResistance: 0.144 ohmsWatts: up to 180Continuous Current: 13AMax Burst Current: 18A, 10secondsCells: 2–3 S Li-PoRecommended Props: 9x4.7 to 10x5Slots, Poles: 12, 14Diameter: 38 mmShaft Diameter: 3.0 mmWeight: 40 gB..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2804-1900kV Brushless
SpecificationsType: BM2804A-KV1900KV (rpms per volt): 1900No load current: 0.84A @10VResistance: 0.155 ohmsWatts: up to 130Continuous Current: 13AMax Burst Current: 17A, 10secondsCells: 2–3S Li-PoRecommended Props: 4.1x4.1 to 7x6Slots, Poles: 12,14Diameter: 28 mmShaft Diameter: 3.0 mmWeight: 20 gBru..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2806-1200kV Brushless
Detrum 2806-1200KV motorSpecificationsKV: 1200No load current: [email protected]: 0.284 ohmsWatts: up to 110Continuous Current: 10AMax Burst Current: 14A, 10 secondsCells: 2~3S Li-PoRecommended Props: 7*4 to 9*5Slots, Poles: 12, 14Diameter: 28mmShaft Diameter: 3.0mmWeight: 20gBrushless ESC: 18..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2815-1100kV Brushless
BM2815A3-KV1100SpecificationsType: BM2815A-KV1100KV (rpms per volt): 1100No load current: 0.7 A @10VResistance: 0.103 ohmsWatts: up to 160Continuous Current: 15AMax Burst Current: 21A, 10secondsCells: 2–3S Li-PoRecommended Props: 7x4 to 11x6Slots, Poles: 9,12Diameter: 28 mmShaft: Diameter: 3.0 mmWei..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2815-3600kV Brushless
BM2815D3-3600KVSpecificationsKV(rpms per volt): 3600No load current: 4.3 A @10VResistance: 0.02 ohmsWatts: up to 380Continuous Current:30AMax Burst Current: 40A,10secondsCells: 2–3S Li-PoRecommended Props: 64mm EDFSlots,Poles: 9,6Diameter: 28 mmShaft Diameter: 3.0 mmWeight: 65 gBrushless ESC: 40A..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2815-4100kV Brushless
BM2815D3-KV4100SpecificationsKV (rpms per volt): 4100No load current: 3.9A @10VResistance: 0.019 ohmsWatts: up to 440Continuous Current: 35AMax Burst Current: 42A, 10secondsCells: 2–3S Li-PoRecommended Props: 64mm EDFSlots, Poles: 9,6Diameter: 28 mmDiameter of Shaft: 3.0 mmWeight: 70 gBrushless ESC:..
Brand: Detrum Model: 2826-3200kV Brushless
BM2826D3-KV3200SpecificationsKV (rpms per volt): 3200No load current: 4.8A @10VResistance: 0.047 ohmsWatts: up to 600Continuous Current: 45AMax Burst Current: 60A, 10secondsCells: 2–4S Li-PoRecommended Props: 70mm EDFSlots, Poles: 9,6Diameter: 28 mmDiameter of Shaft: 4.0 mmWeight: 85 gBrushless ESC:..
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