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RC Switches & Alarms

Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: 2-3S Li-Po Low Voltage Alarm
Hobbyshop247 2-3S Li-Po Low Voltage AlarmThis device can be used as a battery tester, or installed in your electric plane and used as a 2-3S Li-Po alarm.  It features two rows of LEDs, one green, the other red, and an extremely loud piezo buzzer.  The row of pins along the edge are designe..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Bomb Drop
Hobbyshop247 Bomb DropThe four modes of release are selected using the red 2-position switch located on the main circuit board as follows: Switches are “Off” when in the down position.Both switches “OFF”- All four bombs are released at once, with a 1-second delay between each release.Switch #1 ..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Compact Slide Switch
Hobbyshop247 Compact Slide SwitchThis is just a simple, small slide switch that is not quite as robust as the previous two switches, yet adequate for most smaller glow or electric models.  It creates a very small "footprint" on the surface where it is mounted, so it doesn't require as much spac..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: HD Switch w/ Charge Jack
Hobbyshop247 HD Switch w/ Charge JackThis heavy duty switch is compatible with most radio systems, including Futaba and JR.  The male and female servo connectors are the "universal" type, which allows them to mate easily with almost every brand and style of connector on the market, including Fu..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: HD Switch w/Charge Jack & LED
Hobbyshop247 HD Switch w/Charge Jack & LEDThis heavy duty switch is now available in two versions, one for Futaba radio systems, and one for JR/Spektrum systems.  Both feature an internal charging jack that allows you to charge your plane's battery without removing wings or o..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: HD Switch w/Deans Type Connectors
Hobbyshop247 HD Switch w/Deans Type ConnectorsThis heavy duty switch will connect directly to Li-Po or Li-Ion battery packs with Deans connectors, or to the power matching systems used in many larger, giant-scale planes.  It features an internal charging jack that allows you to charge your plan..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: HD Switch with Red LED-Special
Hobbyshop247 HD Switch with Red LED-Special Purchase!A limited-supply item we got from a buy-out of a hobby shop that was closing!  These are similar to our regular HD Switch with LED, except that these have a Red LED (the others are Green). and the charge jack is a short cable that comes out o..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Lost Model Alarm & Range Tester
Hobbyshop247 Lost Model Alarm & Range TesterThe Lost Model Alarm can be plugged into any spare channel, or connected using a standard servo "Y" with any other servo into any channel.  It will not affect the operation of any other servo or device, and only requires the presence of a val..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Magneto Kill Switch
Hobbyshop247 Magneto Kill SwitchConnect the servo Cable to the receiver channel you wish to use to turn the ignition spark on/off, and assign a switch to toggle that channel.  Check the operation of the switch to make sure that the ignition is "on" when the switch is in the desired position, if..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Multi-Output R/C Switch
Hobbyshop247 Multi-Output R/C SwitchThis switch is designed to allow the modeler to control multiple outputs from a single proportional receiver channel.  The four outputs toggle on/off in series and in order, so that as the next output is turned "On" the previous outputs remain "On".  Pow..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Multi-Purpose R/C Switch
Hobbyshop247 Multi-Purpose R/C SwitchPlug the servo cable marked "To receiver" into your receiver using any spare channel, and connect the power wires from the device you wish to control to the green terminal block mounted on the main circuit board. Refer to the instruction manual to determine the c..
Brand: Hobbyshop247 Model: Opto-Isolated Kill Switch
Hobbyshop247 Opto-Isolated Kill SwitchInput Voltage (from the receiver) on this switch is 3-16 volts DC, which makes it compatible with any receiver powered by a 4 or 5-cell Ni-MH battery pack, as well as any HV receiver using high-voltage servos and powered by a 2S or 3S Li-Po/Li-Ion/LiFe or A123 b..
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