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Mini Z Race Tracks & Timing

SoCal Hobbies is the largest RCP Tracks dealer in the world! We always carry everything in stock, from full track sets to accessories sets, from 30cm to 50cm! We ship Worldwide from the Los Angeles area! These tracks are being used in many homes, offices, warehouses, hobby shops, test and racing facilities. Some of the top RC manufacturers like Kyosho and PN Racing use RCP Tracks for regional and championship racing events such as PNWC.

Keep it simple and start with a 50CM Wide L Track. You can then add additional kits and accessories to make it longer, wider and more challenging!
RCP Tracks come in 2 width sizes, 30cm & 50cm:
- 50cm tracks incorporate square tiles measuring 20" x 20". With a standard two tile width track, the lane width from inside to inside rail is 33"
- 30cm tracks incorporate square tiles measuring 12" x 12". With a standard two tile width track, the lane width from inside to inside rail is 19"

By adding blank tiles from either expansion kits or blank tile kits, you can increase the lane width in increments of 20" (50cm tracks) and 12" (30cm tracks)

*RCP Tracks can be used with most 1/28, 1/27 & 1/24 Mini Cars such as Kyosho Mini Z, PN Racing, GL-Racing, Atomic RC, WLToys, Losi and others. Please use caution when using larger scale vehicles 1/18, 1/16 & 1/10 scale electric on-road and off-road cars.

**Overseas orders may not calculate shipping charges correctly from our shipping calculator and an invoice may be sent to cover additional shipping and handling charges. Please email or live chat us for more details.

Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C10428-01
The Wide Oval track uses 20in x 20in tile size.Pieces: 28ctTrack Size:Length 139.2Width 79.2..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C20414-01
Grey Edition - Slightly thinner tiles than our standard black tile tracks. Can be combined with other short oval tracks to make longer and more challenging layouts.Pieces: 14ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-55020-01
This spare kit includes 20 straight 50cm rails.Pieces:20ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-55040-01
This kit includes 10 straight 50cm tiles. Use to increase length of track or replace damaged or worn tiles.Pieces:10ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C15052-01
Includes large sweeping inside and outside turns allowing smooth transition at each curve. Pieces: 52ctTrack Size:Length 204Width 120..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-55030-01
This spare parts kit includes 6 outside rails and 6 inside rals plus a bag of pinsPieces:12ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-55050-01
This turn tile kit includes 5 inside and 5 outside turn tiles.Pieces:10ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C17440-01
The Wide L track uses 50cm tiles measuring 20"x20" in length and widthPieces:40ctTrack Size:Length 159.6"Width 120" Includes: 2pc Start / Finish Line Straight32pc Straight Tiles30pc Straight Rails2pc Straight Line Bump Rail 6pc Outer Curve Tile6pc Outer Curve Rails6pc Inner Corner Tile 6pc Inner Cor..
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