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Track Accessories

Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-55010-01
This kit includes 40 bottom and 40 top pins. Works with both 30CM & 50CM tracksPieces:80ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30245-01
This accessory kit contains parts needed to create 2 complete long 45-degree sections.Pieces:46ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30020-01
This expansion kit includes 30 blank tiles. Has interlocking links on all four sides allowing users to expand the lane width of your 30cm track layouts by 12" incrementsPieces:30ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30345-01
This accessory kit contains parts needed to create 2 complete chicane sectionsPieces:26ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C32436-01
This lane widening expansion kit includes 24 straight tiles, 24 straight rails, 36 blank tiles and bag of pins.Pieces:84ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C330XF-01
This 3-piece finish line kit allows users to add a finish line across 3 tiles. Kit comes with tiles, rails and pinsPieces:3ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30145-01
This accessory kit includes parts needed to create 4 complete large radius inside turn sectionsPieces:20ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30012-01
This quick 90 accessory kit incorporates 4 standard mini-96 turn sections into two 45-degree pieces.Pieces:45ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C30010-01
This quick straight kit incorporates 4 standard mini-96 straight tile sections into one piece with rails on both sides. Less joints and quicker assembly allows users to get racing fasterPieces:30ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-33020-01
This spare kit contains 20 straight 30cm rails.Pieces:20ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-33040-01
This spare kit contains 10 straight 30cm tiles. Use to increase length of track or replace damaged or worn tilesPieces:10ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-33030-01
This spare parts kit includes 6 outside rails and 6 inside rals plus a bag of pinsPieces:12ct..
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