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50CM Full Tracks

Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C15096-01
The Large-96 uses 50cm tiles measuring 20"x20" in length and width.Overall track dimensions 20' x 13'Pieces: 96ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-17440M-01
Lightweight track with thinner tiles and shorter rails. Track can be used with or without jumps. Can be made into an "I" or "Oval"layoutPieces:40ctTrack Size:Length 159.6Width 120..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C10428-01
The Wide Oval track uses 20in x 20in tile size.Pieces: 28ctTrack Size:Length 139.2Width 79.2..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C20414-01
Grey Edition - Slightly thinner tiles than our standard black tile tracks. Can be combined with other short oval tracks to make longer and more challenging layouts.Pieces: 14ct..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C15052-01
Includes large sweeping inside and outside turns allowing smooth transition at each curve. Pieces: 52ctTrack Size:Length 204Width 120..
Brand: RCP Tracks Model: SETR-C17440-01
The Wide L track uses 50cm tiles measuring 20"x20" in length and widthPieces:40ctTrack Size:Length 159.6"Width 120" Includes: 2pc Start / Finish Line Straight32pc Straight Tiles30pc Straight Rails2pc Straight Line Bump Rail 6pc Outer Curve Tile6pc Outer Curve Rails6pc Inner Corner Tile 6pc Inner Cor..
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