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Brand: Dynam Model: 17g servo
SpecificationsType: AnalogOperating Speed: 0.11sec/60 [email protected] Torque: 2.6kg/[email protected]: 17gSize: 30×12×30mm..
Brand: Dynam Model: 25g digital servo for 480 swap
SpecificationsType: DigitalOperating Speed: 0.12/0.10sec/60 [email protected]~6.0VOutput Torque: 3.8/4.0kg/[email protected]~6.0VSize: 36×15×19mmWeight: 25g..
Brand: Dynam Model: 25g digital servo for 480 heli
SpecificationsType: DigitalOperating speed: 0.06/0.05 sec/[email protected]~6.0VTorque: 2.5/3.0kg/[email protected]~6.0VTemperature: -30~60℃Dimension: 36×15×36mmWeight: 25g..
Brand: Dynam Model: new 3.1 90 Degree E-Retract
Special for airplane nose gear..
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