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Exhobby LiPo 2-3S Battery Balancer Charger 7.4-11.1V RC B3AC Pro Compact Charger


RC B3 LiPo 2S-3S Battery Balancer Charger 7.4-11.1V RC Pro Compact Charger B3AC

This charger is compact and light, which can charge 2S or 3S battery pack, especially there is separated corresponding balance port for each battery pack.

Convenient and portable.



Input voltage: 110-240V AC

Balance charge current: 800mA

Max.Output Current: 3*800mA

Cells for lipo: 2s-3s

Display: Green & Red LED

Item size: 3.5 * 2.1 * 1.2mm

Item Weight: 0.18lb


Please read all through the manual completely before use and follow the instructions carefully.