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Flysky FS-iT4S

Flysky FS-iT4S
Flysky FS-iT4S
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  • Model: FS-iT4S
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The FS-iT4S is a 4-channel gun-style transmitter built for cars and boats. It features the AFHDS 2A protocol and has simulator compatibility via USB. It is compatible with all AFHDS 2A receivers and sensors. Chinese and English languages available.

  • 4 channels

  • 3.55 inch 240 * 400 resistive touch color screen

  • 1700mAh battery

  • USB charging, USB simulator compatibility

  • AFHDS, AFHDS2 and AFHDS2A protocols

  • Supports PWM and PPM

  • Chinese and English languages


    Product Model: FS-iT4S

    Channels: 4

    Model: car, boat

    Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz

    Transmission power: <20 dBm

    Wireless protocols: AFHDS, AFHDS 2, AFHDS 2A

    Range: 100 ~ 300m (ground)

    Channel resolution: 4096

    Battery: 1S * 1700mAh

    Charging port: USB

    Low voltage alarm: <3.7V

    Antenna type: Built-in single antenna

    Display: WQGA 3.55-inch TFT color screen, 240 * 400 resistive touch screen

    Simulator compatibility: USB

    Data interface: Micro USB HID

    Temperature range: 0 ℃ — + 60 ℃

    Humidity range: 20% -95%

    Online Update: Yes

    Color: silver \ black

    Dimensions: 157 * 116 * 258mm

    Weight: 398g

    Certification: CE, FCC ID: N4ZFLYSKYIT4S