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Flysky FS-i8

Flysky FS-i8
Flysky FS-i8
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  • Model: FS-i8
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FS-i8 is an 8-channel transmitter designed for fixed-wing, glider, and helicopter models. It uses a dual-bearing gimbal and is compatible with many simulators via USB. The FS-i8 supports AFHDS, AFHDS2 and AFHDS2A protocols.

  • 8 channels

  • 3.55 inch 240 * 400 resistive touch color screen

  • Double bearing gimbals

  • 1700mAh battery

  • USB charging, USB simulator

  • Supports AFHDS, AFHDS2, AFHDS2A three protocols

  • Supports PWM / PPM switching

  • Chinese and English languages available


    Product model: FS-i8

    Product name: FS-i8

    Channels: 8 Models: fixed wing, glider, helicopter

    Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz

    Transmission power: <20 dBm

    Wireless protocol: AFHDS 2A

    Range: 500 ~ 1500m (in the air)

    Channel resolution: 4096

    Battery: 1S * 1700mAh

    Charging port: Micro-USB

    Low voltage alarm: < 3.7V

    Antenna type: dual antenna

    Display: WQGA 3.55-inch TFT color screen, 240 * 400

    Language: Chinese and English

    Simulator compatibility: USB emulator

    Data port: Mircro-USB, PPM

    Temperature range: 0 ℃ — + 60 ℃

    Humidity range: 20% -95%

    Online Update: Yes

    Color: Black

    Dimensions: 190 x 95 x 255 mm

    Weight: 720 g

    Certification: CE, FCC ID: N4ZFLYSKYI10