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Lectron Pro 7.4V 1350mAh 25C Lipo Battery with EC2 Connector for HobbyZone Delta Ray and Firebird Stratos

This 2 cell 1350mAh 25C lipo is perfect for the HobbyZone Delta Ray and Firebird Stratos! Includes an EC2 connector on the discharge leads. Rated and tested at 33.6 amps continuous discharge with 67.5 amp bursts.

Compatible With:

  • Hobbyzone Delta Ray
  • Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos


  • Length: 70mm (2.76 in.)
  • Width: 35mm (1.38 in.)
  • Height: 16mm (0.63 in.)
  • Weight: 70g (2.47 oz)