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Kyosho 40211T2 Wave Chopper 2.0 RC Jet Ski Blue - RTR

40211T2 Wave Chopper 2.0 Blue


Experience the excitement of realistic water bike action and a new style of marine fun!

Kyosho brings the fun back to the water with the revival of the Wave Chopper, originally released in 2001! To upgrade the new Wave Chopper 2.0 with modern RC technology and performance, a redesigned rudder, stern tube and motor mount in the 1/6th hull with new rider figure combine with the latest RC components. Optimal torque from the G14L water cooled 550 class motor works perfectly with the large capacity Kyosho Speed House KA60-91W speed controller to deliver crisp acceleration and racy performance while reducing heat loss. Styrene floats provide buoyancy that make the hull unsinkable, even if it is not completely waterproof. As both hull and rider are pre-assembled, simply install 4 X AA batteries (sold separately) into the transmitter, charge the included NiMH battery, and mount the rider figure to start making a splash! The Wave Chopper 2.0 brings the fun of marine sports to everyone with this compact package!

Kick up rudder protects both the rudder and hull from unexpected contact and delivers smooth turning performance. Built in water intake channels water into the cooling jacket on the motor for effective cooling.

Optimal angle of the stern tube along the bottom of the hull reduces drive resistance allowing the fully submerged propeller to generate quick and smooth acceleration.

Pre-installed 550 class G14L motor is fitted with a water cooling system to prevent heat loss. High rigidity suspended motor mount maximizes drive efficiency and easy maintenance.

7.2V 2200mah battery and USB delte peak charger are included with the pre-assembled hull and 2.4ghz transmitter. Simply install 4XAA batteries (Not included) into the transmitter and charge the battery, then this model can be enjoyed by anyone.
 Readyset Contents
 Fully assembled hull
 Syncro KT231P+ transmitter
 Injection molded boat stand
 Pre painted figure
 Hex wrenches 1.5 & 2.5mm
 Spanner 4.0 & 5.5mm
 Antenna tube
 7.2V 2200 mAh Ni-MH battery and USB delta peak charger
 PVC tape for waterproofing

Required For Operation
4 X AA batteries for transmitter

Technical Data
  • Length                                 595mm
  • Width                                   220mm
  • Height                                  350mm
  • Weight                                 1,600g approx.
  • Transmitter                          KT-231P+
  • ESC                                     KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE KA060-91W        
  • Servo                                   KS4031-06W
  • Motor                                   550-class G14L motor with water-cooling jacket
  • Battery                                 7.2V-2200mAh NiMH
  • Compatible battery size       L148xW52xH30mm or less
  • Charger                                Ni-MH battery dedicated USB charger
  • Propeller                              D31xP1.4 (Polycarbonate)
  • Maximum speed                  24km/h approx.
  • Operation time                     5 min approx.